Full Service "from idea to shelf" for maximum customer benefit

With market knowledge, creativity and courage, we lay the foundations for successful new product developments and the expansion of our brand portfolio. Our international teams are constantly exchanging new ideas based on (regional and global) CHC trends, overarching food trends and social megatrends.

Our success with our trade and industry partners is based on our holistic service approach: we provide proactive and cooperative advice/consultation at all project stages and full service from product development, production and logistics to regulatory services (approvals, complaints management, etc.).

More than 500 CHC articles, tendency growing

The group currently supplies over 500 articles in all categories (over-the-counter medicines, medical devices, dietary supplements), covering all common indications from colds to beauty and all dosage forms from solid to liquid. Based on product expertise, market knowledge and customer dialog, we are continuously developing new creative product ideas.

Security thanks to decades of experience

Complex products and a regulated market require multi-layered expert knowledge. That's why the Group only includes companies with decades of corporate history and the relevant industry experience.

We work in interdisciplinary project teams consisting of pharmacists, (food) chemists and technicians, biologists, medical engineers, market and marketing experts, packaging technicians and artwork specialists, production and logistics experts together on the success of our customers and brands.

Especially in the CHC sector, consumer confidence in the products is essential. We work according to high quality standards: EU GMP, DIN ISO 13485, IFS Food / IFS Broker, BRC, DIN ISO 9001 (depending on location).

Consistent corporate sustainability for an environment worth living in:

The EVP Group gives equal consideration to ecological, social and economic factors in its corporate management. Since 2018, this has been ensured by audits according to ESG criteria; a sustainability-oriented Code of Conduct provides all employees with reliable orientation for their daily work.

Sustainability maxim: Avoid. Reduce. Recycle.

Operationally, we are working with our customers to make packaging more sustainable without compromising product quality and safety. Since 2020, we have been delivering the first products in fully recyclable cans.