Our brands - experts for health and well-being

As a consumer healthcare expert, the EVP Group focuses on developing high-quality products to maintain and support health. With our differentiated brand world and an extensive range of healthcare products, we serve diverse indications in a wide variety of target groups. As a market expert, we always keep an eye on current trends and new products and drive innovations to best meet the needs of our customers and consumers.

vitawell - Healthy living for the whole family

Vitawell provides comprehensive health and wellbeing support for the entire family in a variety of dosage forms. Suitable for all ages and lifestyles, our supplements range has been carefully developed to help those with daily nutritional needs. Offering tasty alternatives for those who can‘t swallow tablets, the brand offers a wide range of flavour favourites in gummies, effervescents and chewable tablets.

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POWERGYM – High quality sport nutrition that keeps you performing

The successful POWERGYM brand was founded in Spain in 1991 due to a shortage of high-quality sports nutrition and food supplements. Since then, PowerGym has been combining and processing high-quality ingredients and flavours into great-tasting bars, powders or drinks that give both professional and recreational athletes the energy and stamina they need. PowerGym's diverse product range ideally covers all the individual needs of an athlete and offers a range of proteins, amino acids, minerals or vitamins in a wide variety of dosage forms. All products are developed and produced according to high pharmaceutical quality standards, which is proven by the numerous certifications of our production facilities.

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DR KU – Advanced Food Supplements

With our DR KU brand, we predominantly offer probiotic food supplements to improve the quality of life, health and well-being of many people. Taking probiotics promotes the health of our intestinal flora, which controls vital processes in our body and thus has a great influence on our general well-being. As soon as it becomes imbalanced, our immune system, our mood and also our skin health can suffer. DR KU offers products tailored to different needs that restore the microbiological balance of the intestinal flora. All products are developed and manufactured by our team of experts consisting of doctors, pharmacists, biologists and nutritionists, under strict quality standards.

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Vive+ - Health & well-being with natural ingredients

With our Vive+ brand and its sub-brands Vive+ Advance, Vivísima and Vittalíssima, we offer a diverse range of predominantly plant-based nutritional supplements that naturally support and promote the health and well-being of many people. Our range is always adapted to the latest market trends and nutritional needs of our consumers and is available at a good value for money. All products are developed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and are extensively represented in the retail sector in Spain in variour dosage forms . 

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principle – Helping you to live healthier everyday

Fully established and respected worldwide, the Principle brand offers a high quality nutritional supplements range in a variety of formats. Developing superior formulation using the finest ingredients, our extensive portfolio of products satisfies a wide range of age groups, lifestyles and needs. With considerable investment going into research and development, our ever evolving range continues to be built on strong innovation and deliver product excellence.

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heilusan - For a healthy and active lifestyle

Our traditional brand heilusan (word combination of "heal" and "sano", Latin for "to make healthy") promotes the health and well-being of many people with an extensive range of medical products, medical cosmetics and food supplements for all important indication areas - from "cold" to "beauty". We are constantly developing our broad product portfolio and thus optimally adapt to the needs of the respective market. All products are developed and manufactured with the highest quality requirements and standards in the EU, predominantly in Germany.

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